About us

Ross Packard Paintwork LTD, founded in 2005 is one of the south's leading auto body shops. We're proud to be Kitemark certified, Honda registered, Mitsubishi accredited and Mazda approved. The quality of our paintwork is unrivalled and really does speak for itself. But don't take our word for it! Head over to our gallery and see for yourself!

About Ross Packard

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From a child I have always been mechanically minded. I Left School in 1988 not particularly well qualified.  I fancied a career in the army, so I applied and started working in a little back street body shop whilst my application for Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers was in process.

My knees were picked up as a problem and the Army declined me, by which time I was a few months in to what has become my passion. It didn’t take too long until I moved to a larger shop (10 car spaces) with an oven for painting, I was keen, hardworking and driven, On 5th February 1991 age 19.  I soon found myself chief, cook and bottle washer, running the shop and loving it, my spraying was being noticed in the restoration world and people where keen to use me.

I always wanted to have my own shop, I had intended to take over the one I was in, I wasn’t able to make it happen so on 5th February 2005 I handed in my notice, went out in my little van with three spray guns as a freelance painter offering cover & training to body shops anywhere within an hour’s drive. Nearing the end of that year I was still freelancing with a goal to still have my own shop and the drive and determination to achieve it.

 It was then when I was able to rent a single car space in a Body shop in Brockenhurst. I had been under pressure from a lot of existing customers to get premises as they wanted to be able to send me their work! Ross Packard the man in a van! On 1st January 2006 I had worked late and hard and really put the hours in and took over the whole of the shop in Brockenhurst…

September 2006 Balmer Lawn Garage closed their Body shop in New Milton. It was a building I had had quite a lot to do with over the years.  My Mum had worked for the family who had built this shop in the early seventies, they had sold out to Balmer Lawn in the late eighties with whom I had quite a lot of communication with as we were in the same trade

Balmer Lawn have a site in Brockenhurst, so, when their Body shop closed, their sales manager approached me to look after his sales cars etc.  On his way out of the door of my little shop in Brockenhurst I asked him what was happening to the Body shop in New Milton and put my name forward.

This was a big commitment, I had a young family but a great reputation, I was on my motorbike when I thought to myself, Goals are not achieved by always procrastinating if anyone has a good chance at making this work I do.

I rode home to speak to my amazing supportive wife Kerry who had seen me at my lowest and now quiet possibly at my craziest. Ross Packard Paint shop was born!  I moved into our current premises in Gore Road in late September 2006. Thrilled to be in such a well kitted out and sizeable shop but, in so many ways, out of my depth.

I have a long-term plan here, I am presently on track with them so watch this space (15 years to go)

I have always enjoyed doing the best job and wanted to be the best as judged by my customers but also others in the trade. Honda Registered, Mitsubishi accredited, Mazda approved are just a few of the manufacturers that rate our work. We are also accredited with the British Kite Mark Standards.

I am honoured to work alongside many high-end dealers for day to day and also restoration work, something that I love.

I have a strong belief in good people, good training, good products and equipment.  Always wanting to do nice work, but, ultimately, will always do what customers ask of us, within some limits!

Always be straight and true with clients and staff. When I do an interview or estimate, one of the first things I talk about is being honest and transparent. Upset customers mean I am very upset (of course it does happen sometimes) I have always believed that if you are honest and open, people will respect you.

Ask my staff!!

This year 2018, I am attending the 30th Techno-Classica Essen Car show to see some of our work on display.  I could not be prouder knowing that I started off with Meccano and now my goal is in my hands and growing every day.

See our website for some of the work we have done, please bear in mind, this is constantly evolving.